One in ten New Zealanders suffer from hearing loss. Making matters worse, surveys show sufferers needlessly wait an average of seven years before doing something about lost hearing. In most cases their situation can be immediately improved.

Hearing Aid Specialists Ltd has

  • Audiologists with 25 years experience

  • Doctor of Audiology

  • Clinics in Christchurch, Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika

  • We have affiliates to every brand and choice of hearing aids based solely on your requirements

  • Do you have a hearing problem? Take the online Hearing Health Test. Click Here

  • ACC accredited

  • Able to provide a $500 government subsidy for each ear ($1000.00 for both ears)

Aid Styles/Types

Hearing aids are available in many different types, or categories. Programmable hearing aids offer different (often customizable for the individual's audiogram) programs for different listening situations such as the office/home or a noisy rock concert. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer programmable and non-programmable Behind-the-Ear aids (BTEs), and cosmetically appealing In-the-Canal (ITCs), In-the-Ear (ITEs), and Completely-in-the-Canal (CICs). Different shell styles (e.g., full, low profile, half, soft, hard) are also available.


Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid

7 Reasons to see an MNZAS Audiologist

Audiologists who are members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) are specialists at diagnosing hearing problems and the non-medical treatment of hearing loss. Treatment options include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, counseling and education in listening skills.


Funding: Subsidy increase to $500 per aid.

$500 government subsidy for each ear ($1000.00 for both ears), this subsidy is available to all adults and accessed by your audiologist.

Modern hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices that, when fitted by a qualified Audiologist, can assist with many of the hearing needs caused by hearing loss.

There are over 300 types and models of hearing aids available in New Zealand. Your MNZAS Audiologist will have access to a range of choices and will provide the best advice as to what style of hearing aid best suits your hearing needs and budget.

Your MNZAS Audiologist is an approved service provider and can access funding through the ACC, Environment Support Services, Government Subsidies, Work and Income NZ and War Pensions to help fund the cost of your hearing aids.