1. The most expensive hearing aid is the best aid.

No. There is a wide range of technology available that may or may not be appropriate or necessary. the focus should be on the patients lifestyle requirements not the technology of the aid. Itís strongly recommended patients shop around to compare prices and fees because costs vary enormously. Often clinics that do not employ full time professional staff are the most expensive.

2. Hearing aids will restore your natural hearing.

Unfortunately science is not able to match the human hearing mechanism. However technological advances such as digital hearing aids will increase most speech sounds that were previously unclear or to soft.

3. Hearing aids will cutout background noise.

No. Despite advertising claims, hearing aids will not cutout background noise. Well fitted digital aids have specialized software to avoid boosting background noise and reduce certain types of background noise such as traffic noise, shopping malls, wind etc. Hearing aids also contain specified software to enhance speech loudness when in noisy situations.