7 Reasons to see an MNZAS Audiologist

Audiologists who are members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) are specialists at diagnosing hearing problems and the non-medical treatment of hearing loss. Treatment options include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, counselling and education in listening skills.

1. You can access funding through the ACC, Environment Support Services, Government Subsidies, Work and Income NZ and War Pensions as your MNZAS Audiologist is an approved service provider.

2. All MNZAS Audiologists are University qualified with a Master of Audiology Degree or equivalent.

3. When you see an MNZAS Audiologist you can be confident that they are familiar with current practices, research and technology.

4. All MNZAS Audiologists abide by a strict Code of Ethics to ensure you receive the best possible care.

5. If you feel that an MNZAS Audiologist has breached the Code of Ethics, you can make a complaint by following the NZAS Consumer Complaint Process.

A copy of this process can be downloaded here.

6. MNZAS audiologists work closely with a range of Health professionals such as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialists, GPs, Speech Language Therapists, Hearing Therapists and Advisors of Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children.

7. Many MNZAS Audiologists specialise in treating tinnitus and reduced sound tolerance.

Child Hearing Test

Itís never too early or too late to see a Member of the New Zealand Audiological Society. We are here to help you hear!