Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing Aid Selection
Your audiologist will ask you what difficulties you may be having with your hearing and discuss what options are available to assist you.

Hearing Aid Specialists Ltd has access to over 300 different models of hearing aids and careful consideration is needed to select hearing aids which will be best for your hearing needs and budget.

Once suitable hearing aids have been selected your Audiologist will arrange for them to be ordered. This usually takes between one to three weeks. It may require an impression of your ear to be taken so that the hearing aids or ear moulds will fit your ears comfortably.


Your audiologist will fit your hearing aids in a soundproof room. They will make sure that the hearing aids fit comfortably in your ears and then check that the hearing aids are working appropriately for your hearing loss. Your audiologist will talk to you about what to expect from and how to look after your hearing aids.

Follow up
During the trial period (usually one month) your audiologist will see you on several separate occasions to ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your hearing aids. At each follow up appointment changes can be made to how the hearing aids are working if required and sometimes a different style of hearing aid may be needed. Because the hearing aids are initially fitted in a soundproof room, using the hearing aids in the “real world” situations that you are experiencing difficulty with is the only way of really knowing how well your hearing aids are performing.

Wearing Your Hearing Aids
To benefit from hearing aids you need to use them as much as possible. You will hear sounds that you may not have heard for many years and so things may initially sound quite different to what you are used to. Your hearing system need time to adjust to the new sounds you are hearing.

Free Trial Period

To ensure you get the most benefit from your hearing aids the Hearing Aid Specialists Ltd has a free trial period of usually one month. You will need to pay for the hearing aids at the end of the trial however, if you decide to return the hearing aids within the trial period then there is no cost. All follow up appointments are included in the cost of your hearing aids for a period of one year.